How to Ensure Safety with Your Blinds

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Blinds are a great choice in window coveringsBlinds are a great choice in window coverings. They come in a huge variety of colors, styles and even materials. With this versatility, you can find blinds that will work for virtually every room in your home or office with ease. Many people enjoy that their blinds allow them to regulate the amount of light let into their space, as well as the direction of that light. However, some people have safety concerns with the cords. If you have young children or pets, read on to ensure that your blinds can be as safe as possible for little hands and furry friends!

The biggest issue with blinds is that the cords can pose a hazard. We offer simple products that can help you baby-proof (or pet-proof) your blinds. These mechanisms essentially roll up the excess cord and lock it inside a childproof cartridge. This enables you to still use the cord, but not have enough hanging down to provide a child or pet with excess cord that could be hazardous.

Another solution to the issue of blind safety is to choose window coverings that are cordless to begin with. For example, honeycomb shades don’t use cords in order to go up or down; instead, they are controlled with the touch of a button at the bottom or top of the shades. We are concerned about helping our customers know about and understand these alternatives, thereby helping them to make a safe choice for nurseries or families with active children or pets.

Here at Sundown Home & Office Window Tint, Blinds & Shades, we have safety solutions for any of our blind options. Come and talk with us today to learn more safety tips!