Useful Window Treatments for Southern Homes

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The southern United States has a distinct look and feel when it comes to home décor. The south is known for its great food, genteel manners, generous hospitality, and, perhaps most of all, its beautiful homes. Both modern and historic, southern homes can offer a comfortable and classy feeling of nostalgia that captures the laid-back southern lifestyle.

consider options for window treatments at your home

There are many elements in home décor that contribute to a southern look. One important, but often overlooked, element are the window treatments. This encompasses all the different types of window coverings you can use in your home or business. The term “window treatments” covers all the options, including blinds and shades.

As you consider options for window treatments at your home, you should consider what kind of style you want to project. Each option of window covering will reinforce your style. For example, real-wood blinds give a crisp, elevated look while roman shades offer a softened, laid-back style. A roman shade may provide the perfect addition to the “farmhouse” look while the blinds may add a business-like and understated modern décor.

The color of the window treatments is also an important consideration. Many shades and blinds come in light, neutral colors such as white and cream. These provide an understated look. However, you can also choose a darker color, particularly for wood and faux-wood blinds, in order to create a more dramatic, eye-catching effect.

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