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We offer exceptional residential window tint products and installation services.

Most people would agree that driving around the Greenville, South Carolina area with the sun pouring in isn’t very pleasant at time, yet it is easy to forget that the same can be true at your home. Here at Sundown Home & Office Window Tint, Blinds & Shades, our goal is to ensure Greenville, South Carolina area residents have comfortable, energy-efficient, UV-protected homes. We offer exceptional residential window tint products and installation services that can make a huge difference.

Residential Window Tint in Greenville, South Carolina

Residential window tint acts as a diffuser for harsh sunlight while blocking 99% of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that can damage your furnishings and artwork, and pose a health risk to you and your family. In addition, since windows can cause loss of energy that makes your HVAC system work harder, adding residential window tint can reduce your energy bill by 25% to 30% while prolonging the life of your HVAC system and reducing repair costs. Residential window tint does this by rejecting nearly 80% of the heat normally transmitted by the sun.

We are one of the oldest and most trusted residential window tint companies serving the Greenville area, having begun back in 1987. Over the years, we have been privileged to serve thousands of residential and commercial customers. We have also been fortunate to attract highly skilled professional installers of residential window tint, so you can be confident the results will meet or exceed your expectations. We use high-performance product lines, Llumar and Vista, from the world’s largest manufacturer, Eastman Chemical. We trust this company and are happy to say that they offer a lifetime warranty on their window films.

If you have any questions about residential window tint or any of our products or services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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